Differences between fire blanket with silicon and without silicon

Basic introduction of fire extinguishing blanket

Fire blanket is a kind of emergency fire extinguishing equipment, which can cover the fire source and extinguish the fire by isolating the air. Usually, fire extinguishing blanket is divided into two kinds: silicone fire extinguishing blanket and non-silicone fire extinguishing blanket. The following will be on the principle of fire extinguishing, applicable occasions, waterproof performance and other aspects of their comparison.
##The difference between the principle of fire extinguishing
Silicone fire blanket fire fighting principle is through the silica gel molecules of the fiber structure of the isolation of the air, to prevent the further supply of oxygen, while the temperature will be reduced to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire. The non-silicone fire blanket usually use ceramic fiber as fire extinguishing materials, the principle is through the insulating properties of ceramic fiber, in the state of the object on fire to achieve the isolation of oxygen, and in a relatively airtight environment to make it under control.

car fire blanket of saintsea group

The difference between the applicable occasions

Because the principle of non-silicone fire extinguishing blanket is the same as the general principle of fire extinguishers, but also indirectly to extinguish the fire, so it applies to a wider range of occasions, such as families, shopping malls, schools and so on. Silicone fire extinguishing blanket is more used in small occasions, such as laboratories, cars and so on.

silicon car fire blanket of saintsea group

The difference between the waterproof performance

Silicone fire blanket on the market usually have waterproof performance, in the fire extinguishing process can keep their own structure unchanged. The non-silicone fire blanket does not have waterproof performance, in the fire before the need to deal with.

In summary, in the fire extinguishing principle, applicable occasions, waterproof performance, etc., silicone fire blanket and non-silicone fire blanket differences. When choosing fire extinguishing blankets, the choice should be made according to the actual situation to ensure the fire extinguishing effect.

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